This is an outstanding but highly alarming direct testimony from an altitude remote and forgotten Afghan region. Far away from any media, the harsh and poor life of local people has been turned, by Taliban, into dereliction and extreme misery. Trapped in a full lockdown, people cannot escape what became a hell with no hope.
Those who, at an international level, whitewash the reputation of the Taliban 2.0 should reflect on the heavy responsibility they are taking. Those in neighboring Pakistan celebrating the Taliban victory as an Islamo-nationalist triumph should remember that the people who suffer and die share, for some of them, the same ethnicity, the same language, the same faith and the same family roots.
Cynical are those who rejoice at what they see as a Washington’s defeat. Distant America will recover. But the misfortune will be borne, on the spot, by the poorest and the most fragile ones.

Preliminary background

Ishkashim is an Afghan small town of Badakhshan province on the left bank of the Upper Panj River (Amu Daria). On an island of the river is the border post with Tajikistan. It is not far from the Tajik Badakhshan town bearing the same name, Ishkashim. From there, a narrow strip of territory, the Wakhan Valley leads to the east and to the Little Pamir. This is the only Afghan border with China (92 km). In the past, the Wakhan corridor, 210 km long, was an active part of the silk road but became very isolated…

As part of their global 5th generation warfare, Pakistan authorities strongly support hate speech against western nations. The country is now a home and a judiciary loophole for cybercrime, while its rogue policy resulted in a wave of Islamist murders in France during autumn 2020. The BestInventoryPR Twitter account is an evidence of this new international specialization. The main complaints addressed to Twitter’s moderation about BestInventoryPR relate to stalking, hate speech, doxxing, harassment, defamation, slanderous denunciation, identity theft and intellectual property infringement. They evidence how civilized countries and their media are unable to address the threats posed by this new kind of hybrid war.

@BestInventoryPR “logo” and Nantes mechanical elephant


@BestInventoryPR is a Pakistani impersonating Twitter account designed for stalking purposes

@BestInventoryPR was designed by a Pakistani user, in July 2021, as a cyberstalking tool against a French citizen, Bernard Grua (@BernardGrua) and against his professional activity, Best Inventory France (@BestInventory).

@GruaAbuseArkive is an “anonymous” and impersonating Twitter account. Since September 18, 2019, it is oriented towards hate speech, defamation, calumnious denunciations, blackmail, doxxing and calls for violences against western foreigners and against the Wakhi local minority living in Chapursan Valley, Northern Pakistan.

M. Pervez Hoodbhoy’s, @pervezhoodbhoy, published an article, “Will OIC confront France?”, on May 8, 2021, in Dawn, a Pakistani media. I am French, I have been in Pakistan, and I am impressed by the free tone of this author and by the risk he is taking. This gentleman is perfectly right when he invokes Pakistan own incoherences and failures for explaining why its strategy for instrumenting OIC is a desperate one. However, he is disappointing while not debunking the propagandist and irrelevant Imran khan’s “diagnostic” about France and about its President.

M. Pervez Hoodbhoy’s pictures is from his Dawn’s profile

A fictional letter from OIC ambassadors

For weeks I have been searching a paper like the one of M. Pervez Hoodbhoy for testifying that, at least, some Pakistani people could understand their country was in a nihilist spiral. I am positively surprised this author dares to write such statements, very shocking for Pakistan, though they belong to common sense for most of the external observers.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, in his speech on Monday, April 19, 2020, confirms that he persists in his rhetoric promoting violence and terrorism, in the name of his crusade against Islamophobia in western countries. He thus tries to calm down the riots which shake his large metropolises by using, again, the same propaganda as the one which inflamed the population. In doing so, he shows us how cornered he is. Above all, he gives us one of the keys that would allow us to hasten his fall and put an end to its nuisance, deadly for our country.

Pakistan: how to deliver a final blow to Imran Khan

Imran Khan attempted to calm down a country in insurgency by, once again, blaming his familiar scapegoat.

This Monday, April 19, 2021, Imran Khan spoke on Pakistani television.

Prime Minister Imran Khan address to the Nation on TLP issue | 19 April 2021

Imran Khan claims to pursue the same goals as the Pakistani xenophobic and Islamist far-right party TLP.

Riots in Pakistan main towns, led by TLP party (Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan), demand the French ambassador to be expelled from the country. They result from months of Imran Khan’s hate speech turned against France. In this article it will be presented why the closing of our diplomatic representation offers the opportunity to sanction this failing Prime minister for the murderous Islamist terrorist attacks our country faced during autumn 2020.

The « French bastard »

The Pakistani claim for expelling the French ambassador and even, for closing our embassy embraces a large part of Pakistan opinion, including people who, nowadays, condemn TLP (Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan) for its domestic violences.

In no country you can be asked so frequently a question like “What do you think about Pakistan?”. It is not an open question. The expectation is to hear the positive message you will deliver. But real life and real countries are more complicated. Particularly, when you have to talk about a state led by Imran Khan who waged months of a hybrid war against your homeland. To sustain a tourism turned to local populations, Pakistan image must be restored through transparence and governance change. Driving foreign travelers discourse will not compensate the devastating PM positions of the autumn 2020.

Should foreign travelers hide part of their Pakistan experience, in the interest of local populations? Islamophobia.
Photographies © Bernard Grua

Table of content

This article will present, with an actual case, how it is possible to counter the theft and the impersonation of a business website that has been turned into a defamatory destruction weapon against the reputation and the livelihood of its owners. We will explain the method and the tools which are used for this “regain your name” campaign through content creation, use of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) best practises.

Ramla Akhtar, Rmala Aalam, forgery, website, defamation

How a family business “website” became a defamation war machine?

A Sunni woman from Karachi, in her mid thirties, moved to Hunza valley in Northern Pakistan. A few years later, unable to adapt, unable to face the harsh mountain conditions, estimating she does not get the level of recognition her self-attributed talents should deserve, she turned her initial enthusiasm into hatred. In a country haunted by Muslim extremists, she harasses the local ethnic and religious Wakhi minority with pornographic tales, slandering allegations, calumnious denunciations and hate speech. Her…

Pamir Serai guest houses offer a Wakhi family homestay at Zood Khun and Baba Ghundi Ziarat in the high Chapursan Valley, Pakistan. Added to the main website, a simpler one was designed for travelers enabling them a fast loading in case of poor connection. In this paper, the main issued addressed for this fast loading will be presented.

Pamir Serai fast website Chapursan valley

Options retained for building a fast loading website

It was decided to use a light CMS, Blogspot, preferably to Wordpress, the CMS of the main website. Just a few pictures have been posted after the images were resized to avoid any extra compression from the system while showing them. Embed posts have been contained to their strict minimum. The result is a quite basic website. It may not en joy a great SEO. But, it is very easy to use and fast. The user experience is smooth on mobiles and laptops. The information delivered to travelers is complete enough. …

Zine El Abidine Belhareth, زين العابدين بلحارث, président de l’association tunisienne جمعية تراثنا Tourathna, nous ouvre les yeux sur le dangereux mais insoupçonnable processus de radicalisation en cours dans son pays.

Bernard Grua | Travel photographer & blogger

Contributor to French and foreign medias: geopolitics, heritage, history, expeditions | | FR EN SP GE

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