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This is a presentation of the websites and blogs that I created and/or co-admin: Regards sur le mode, Bernard Grua Photography, Bernard Grua Mediablog, Stop Cyberstalkers, Best Inventory, Pamir Serai Guest Houses, Bernard Grua Medium, Bernard Grua Flickr, Stop trolls, No Mistrals for Putin, Sanctions contre Poutine, Stop Cyberstalekrs Flickr.

Bernard Grua | Regards sur le monde

Bernard Grua | Regards sur le monde

This is my personnal blog. I live in Nantes, Brittany. I publish travel reports as well as posts regarding civil society and geopolitics, on this blog and on otherpublic media. I am also a contributing photographer for Getty Images.

Access to: Regards sur le monde

Bernard Grua Photography

Bernard Grua Photography

This is the website presenting my portfolioi and my photography services: portraits, weddings, engagements, love stories, familly, cultural dressing, blue hour portraits, reportages, black and white.

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Bernard Grua | Media blog

Bernard Grua | Media blog

This is another personnal blog where I post articles mostly oriented to some specific topics. It is a little bit sleeping today, while blogspot is technically quite obsolete in comparison with Wordpress.

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Stop-Cyberstalkers, child-abusers and hate-speech

Stop-Cyberstalkers, child-abusers and hate-speech

When you are facing harassment, the best and usual answer is: “do not feed the troll”. It is subject to the fact you are actually facing a troll. However, if your aggressor is a psychopath, silence will not help while the stalker will make everything to get your reputation being trashed thru defamation, calumnious denunciation & bullying. The toxic psychopath taking the control of your public image may result in potential legal and physical consequences for you.

You need to promote your own discourse, to counter the aggressor’s speech and to document the abuses you are facing. This is the purpose of this website.

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Best Inventory

Best Inventory website

Access to: Best Inventory website

Pamir Serai guest houses

Pamir Serai guest houses

Volonteer creation for a family living in ahigh and remote valley of Pakistan.

Access to: Pamir Serai guest houses

Access to: Pamir Serai guest houses light version website for fast loading.


Access Bernard Grua articles on Medium

Access to: Bernard Grua articles on Medium

Flickr: Bernard Grua Photographie

More than 3,000 pictures on Flickr

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Access to: Stop Trolls

No Mistrals for Putin

No Mistrals for Putin

Co-creation with Dimitri Halby to support our international mobilisation movement against the delivery of Mistral invasion vessels to Putin’s regime.

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Maintien des sanctions contre Poutine (admin)

Maintien des sanctions contre Poutine

Promoting sanctions against Putin’s regime for Crimea annexion, Donbass war in Eastern Ukraine, war crimes in Syria

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Flickr: Stop Cyberstalkers

Stop Cyberstalkers on Flickr

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