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Articles and publications on public news papers, magazines and on line media by Bernard Gua.

Bernard Grua, publications on public media, press, news papers and magazines

Links to publications in French and English on different media: Agoravox, Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Ukrinform (Ukraine national news agency), Russia Beyond the Headlines and Diploweb.


AgoraVox is a French language website of news powered by volunteers and non-professional writers, created by Carlo Revelli and Joël de Rosnay in March 2005, offering items by single or multiple writers.
AgoraVox was one of the first citizen journalism websites in France, and is similar to the community sites L’Echo du Village (1998) and Indymedia (1999). Many more or less participatory sites have emerged since, such as Rue 89, Le Post, Mediapart and Atlantico. It can be compared to the Korean site OhmyNews. According to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the Oxford University, “AgoraVox is one of the most prominent European examples of a citizen journalism site”.
As of April 2009, nearly 40,000 volunteers were enrolled as editors of the French version. They were 70,000 in April 2011. At that time, the site had over 1900 volunteer moderators.An Italian version of the site was launched at the end of 2008. Many variations have also emerged: AgoraVox TV, NaturaVox, EducaVox, CareVox, Orser and SportVox .
According to Google Trends, the site has on average 50,000 daily unique visitors and has 15,000 unique visitors.

Bernard Grua on Agoravox
Bernard Grua on Agoravox
Bernard Grua’s articles on Agoravox

187,522 visits as of 2020/09/15

Access to Bernard Grua articles on Agoravox

Ukraine Crisis Media Center

UCMC was founded in March 2014 with the efforts of leading Ukrainian experts in the sphere of international relations, communications and public relations. It was established to help Ukraine amplify its voice on the international arena about the events connected to annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation.
Following the election of President Volodymyr Zelensky in 2019, some of whose actions the UCMC strongly disagree with, the UCMC with the support of many Ukrainian NGOs issued a statement of an extensive list of “red lines not to be crossed” by the new administration, asserting if they were it “will inevitably lead to political instability in our country”.

Bernard Grua, articles for Ukraine crisis media center
Bernard Grua, articles for Ukraine crisis media center
Bernard Grua’s articles for Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Access to Bernard Grua’s articles for Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Ukrinform, Ukrainian national news agency

The National News Agency of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Українське національне інформаційне агентство) or Ukrinform (Ukrainian: Укрінформ) is a state information and news agency of Ukraine. It was founded in 1918 during the Ukrainian War of Independence as the Bureau of Ukrainian Press (BUP). The first director of the agency was Dmytro Dontsov.
Ukrinform main objectives are: the coverage of public policy and public life in Ukraine and providing information to government bodies; according to a Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from February 19, 1997 the agency carries out its activities independently of political parties and public organizations.
Per day Ukrinform issues some 500 reports in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian and around 200 photos and audio digest. Ukrinform delivers information to the media, TV channels, radio stations, official establishments and local governments, foreign embassies and Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad and foreign media.

Bernard Grua, publications on Ukrinform
Bernard Grua, publications on Ukrinform
Bernard Grua’s articles for Ukrinform

Access to Bernard Grua’s articles for Ukrinform

Russia Beyond

Russia Beyond is a Russian state-owned multilingual publication operated by “autonomous non-profit organization TV-Novosti,” offering news, comment, opinion and analysis on culture, politics, business, science and public life in Russia.

Bernard Grua, publications on Russia Beyond
Bernard Grua, publications on Russia Beyond
Bernard Grua’s articles for Russia Beyond

Acces to Bernard Grua’s articles on Russia Beyond


Website founded in 2000, directed by P. Verluise, Doctor of Political Geography from Paris-Sorbonne University, fed by diplomats, academics and strategists who provide analyzes on diplomatic, international and geopolitical issues. The classification of articles is geographical: European Union, Russia and CIE, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, World. The subjects are varied: the Cyberstrategy of China, revisited art of war, Arab geopolitics, the EU to 28, scientific updates which can be treated by extracts with the pupils, and provide a working basis for the teacher .

Diploweb, contribution to Laurent Chamontin geopolitics book.

Acces to Bernard Grua’s contribution on Diploweb

Contributor to French and foreign medias: geopolitics, heritage, history, expeditions | | FR EN SP GE

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