@BestInventoryPR, reports to Twitter about a Pakistani criminal account

As part of their global 5th generation warfare, Pakistan authorities strongly support hate speech against western nations. The country is now a home and a judiciary loophole for cybercrime, while its rogue policy resulted in a wave of Islamist murders in France during autumn 2020. The BestInventoryPR Twitter account is an evidence of this new international specialization. The main complaints addressed to Twitter’s moderation about BestInventoryPR relate to stalking, hate speech, doxxing, harassment, defamation, slanderous denunciation, identity theft and intellectual property infringement. They evidence how civilized countries and their media are unable to address the threats posed by this new kind of hybrid war.

@BestInventoryPR “logo” and Nantes mechanical elephant


@BestInventoryPR is a Pakistani impersonating Twitter account designed for stalking purposes

Best Inventory real account — Best Inventory Pakistani impersonation
Subsequent impersonation of Bernard Grua

List of reports sent to Twitter concerning the Pakistani account @BestInventoryPR

One of Twitter’s answers:

“We encourage you to contact the user directly by @reply, direct message, or any of the other contact information provided via the user’s “Bio” or URL to resolve the dispute…”

The @BestInventoryPR Twitter account was created and is managed from Pakistan by @GruaAbuseArkive

@GruaAbuseArkive created @BestInventoryPR

Some examples of Pakistani @BestInventoryPR stalking against a French citizen

A criminal activity, on line with the cyber policy of rogue Pakistan’s 5 th generation warfare

Shiren Mazari: insulting tweet, despicable words, blatant lies, ideology of hatred and violence, slanderous & disgraceful comments…

France opposing hate speech from the Pakistan minister of “Human rights”, Shireen Mazari

Francesca Marino, Pakistan hate speech resulted in Islamist murderous attacks in France

Arif Alvi, Pakistan “President”, slammed by French MFA

More a bout Pakistan’s 5th generation warfare

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