How is it possible to have your numerical reputation 100% under control, even when you face the most disturbing web attacks?

Numerical fortress for controlling E-reputation by Bernard Grua, web, internet, defamation, stalking
Khiva fortress, Uzbekistan — Photo Bernard Grua

All this year, I have been under rabid attacks coming from a radicalized cyber-criminal of Pakistan, R.A. Thousands of posts have been published against me on Facebook and Twitter using anonymous or impersonating profiles. Facebook has been extremely poorly cooperative. Twitter moderation was inefficient, when not supporting, de facto, these criminal activities. National and local police, Interpol, Nantes (my city) Mayor and Municipality, addressees of endless calumnious denunciations, never answered any of my requests in contradiction with the obligations they have according to French law. French justice and lawyers could not sanction a stalker acting from an international judicial loop-hole. Pakistani authorities did nothing.

Then, I had to manage the issue by myself. I should, however, mention the professional, friendly and fast moderators of Medium, a great platform for sharing stories. Nevertheless, as of today, I am able to have a full control over my numerical image and reputation. I can also defeat any aggressor: troll, stalker, bully, blackmailer, etc.

1. Building a resilient numerical fortress

1.1. Producing content

1.2. Making the content strong

2. Using your numerical fortress as an operational headquarters for managing your reputation

2.1. Pulling up the good material

2.2. Killing the bad material

  • The first issue is the big amount of fee they will ask you for. It will be over USD 10K.
  • The second issue is they will just commit on tasks, not on results. Most resilient aggressive publications, widely shared, might stay visible.

No consultancy firm will propose you to kill the defamation, to flush it out of the net. Don’t believe, too, justice can help you when you face international cyber-criminals. But I found how to do it. I know how to replace the bad stuff by a “similar” but positive one.

3. Using your numerical fortress to neutralize your aggressor

3.1. Don’t pay attention to trolls, even the craziest ones.

3.2. Silence psychopaths by blowing them up

Silencing your aggressor, no consultancy firm will propose these services to you, only Mafia. Mafia will physically eliminate this nuisance, which, unfortunately is supposed to be a human being, with all the potential consequences. I absolutely don’t recommend this solution. The criminals cyber-stalkers do not deserve the honor having their death polluting the rest of your life. This is numerically possible and can be done, on a smooth way, in compliance with the law of any country. But this is a difficult task even when you have a very strong numerical fortress and you became a master in SEO. Without these two assets, there is no hope.

The ultimate step is to control the Google search result under the name(s) of your aggressor. The more the attack against you is lasting, the more your aggressor is giving you material against him. The easiest it becomes for you. You just need to capture, to organize and to publish the information. If your numerical fortress reach the SEO level it should have, if you drive it smartly, you become able to DECIDE, you the victim, what answers Google will show about your stalker, on the same way you already decide for yourself. It might be hard to believe, but it works. You can have a look, here.

The first two images, showed on the first SERP’s, are two portraits of my last aggressor. They were in the past connecting to publications shared by R.A. They, now, link to papers documenting her stalking.

4. Evidencing the numerical fortress model relevance for Google search.

Make a Google text search on my name “Bernard Grua”. Look at the result. There are no publications from the three malevolent people mentioned above.
Usually, it is considered the three first lines of a the first SERP are the most important ones. The best is to have the first three pages clean. Here, there are seven pages of answers. They are ALL clean. They are all DECIDED by me

Google text search under “Bernard Grua” Like the 4 first pages all the 7 SERP’s are clean.

Make a Google image search on my name. Look at the result. They are made (on the top), decided or accepted by me. This is the same situation for “News” or “Videos” searches.

Numerical fortress for controlling E-reputation by Bernard Grua, web, internet, defamation, stalking 2
Numerical fortress for controlling E-reputation by Bernard Grua, web, internet, defamation, stalking 2
2020/05/24 first six pages of Google search image for “Bernard Grua” all results produced or decided by me

5. Evidencing the numerical fortress model relevance for Social Media.

5.1. What do you need to know about Facebook?

5.1.1. Breath and take your time

5.1.2. Prepare the trap

5.1.3. Look a the cockroach rushing to turn off the light

5.2. What do you need to know about Twitter?

5.2.1. Twitter administrators are toxic, too. They will give you false expectations. They will make you losing time and hope.

5.2.2. Common answers are useless.

5.2.3. Stay calm, you can manage it!

  • The first crucial point is that Twitter has an extremely poor SEO. It is very un-frequent a Twitter post will be shown on SERP’s.
  • Second point, remember a Tweet’s life is short. Not more than 30 minutes.

Then, doing nothing is the best? Of course not.

What should be your indicators?

Create a Twitter profile, with no posts, no comments and no likes that you will use for your survey. Because your regular profile is blocked by your stalker and you will not be able to see what he posts against you. Then, you would be blind. Make a search under your complete name, hashtag and Twitter name. In the results, you have to consider two answers.

  • The first answer, the most important one, is “Top Tweets.” Here, will be shown the most popular tweets about yourself. Pay attention. They are quite permanent. Make sure you are the author of these most popular tweets about you. That for, you need to make nice and beautiful posts, able to attract a large audience, getting likes, comments and re-Tweets. Use the proper hashtags, including YOURS. Have also your full name in your posts. Yes, it looks a bit narcissistic, but it is a light price to pay.
  • The second answer is “Latest Tweets.” These are under your control. When you are under fire, come once a day on Twitter and post good popular stuff. No need to mention your stalker.
  • People” if you documented properly your profile (see below), you and only youo, should be there.
  • Photos” & “Videos”, remember to post some of them to fill in your Twitter space and to not leave your aggressor occupying it. Review their results from time to time.

Forget volume.

Don’t be impressed by the immense flood of trash produced by your stalker. Volume does not work for having top Tweets and the audience get bored.

Focus on quality tweets.

Control your emotions. Take your time. Prepare your Tweet. Wait. Come back again. Read it with another mood and post it. Don’t tweet under emotion!

Think about full name and hashtag

Last but not least, make sure your full name and hashtag are in your Twitter profile and bio.

My Twitter name is my full name “Bernard Grua“. I also added the hashtag #BernardGrua. My Twitter username is @bernardgrua. Note also that, my Twitter full name, my Twitter username and my hashtag are in my bio. Any search under my name on Twitter will first show my profile, not something cooked by a troll or a stalker.

Search for the “Top Tweets “ result for Twitter username, Twitter full name and hashtag. They can be quite permanent. You have to monitor them. Make sure your aggressor NEVER comes on the top of this list!

As long as your aggressor’s Tweets don’t arrive into Google search results, monitoring your Twitter account is not a big deal. There are few indicators to follow. Corrective actions are not very demanding. Twitter might be considered as the highest source of stress when you are stalked. It should not be. As explained it would be unproductive to run away, to close your account and to make a cyber-criminal drawing your E-reputation on this media. Don’t leave the floor! Keep the floor and expel your tormentor from there. What follows shows you have good cards in your hands.

A cyber-criminal wants to stay anonymous on Twitter. Let’s see why. Writing the full name and the hashtag of your stalker on your Tweets, you take the full control of his image. There is nothing he can do. Because he does not want to write his name… Then, while the harasser may produce until 100 tweets per day against you, you just need to post very few tweets per week to clean your image and to take care of the bully.

Of course, once you found the identity of your tormentor, he will accuse you of “doxing”… Don’t be impressed. These people are expert in manipulation. That’s their usual game. Just remember it comes from someone going until stealing your name into his Twitter Id, bio, etc… You will be accused of murderous intentions. Don’t be scared. That’s normal. That means your are on a good way.

To get out of his own trap, your aggressor will open a new Twitter account (with zero audience, so good luck for making top Tweets…). Or, if he is smarter, he will rename one of his previous accounts into his real name. PROBLEM! You already created two Twitter accounts under his FirstName-LastName and his LastName-FirstName. Of course, you will not use these accounts. You are not a criminal identity-theft like your stalker.What started like a sadistic entertainment for your bully becomes a nightmare for him. Sic semper tyrannis!

Thank you for your interest! Thank you for having reached the end of this paper! Now, you might say: “this guy is a mythomaniac”. Not at all. I received, and I receive tons of trash, calumnious denunciations, insults, defamation. All of this is documented. I have been called a leftist, a communist, a socialist, a fascist, a neo-Nazi, a torturer, a clown, a CIA agent, a subversive agent, a sedition agent, a spy, a pedophile, a colonialist, a white-supremacist, a warmonger, a monster, a crook etc… Sometimes by the same people. But the prophylaxis model works and I reduce my psychopathic aggressors into puzzles. You can do the same. Yes, you can!

Please note:

The readers who are facing the same unbearable stalking and need some more information can read my initial article with more documented evidences and screen captures. In this kind of situation the victim is usually left alone. Don’t worry, you can contact me. I would be delighted to give you some help. I know what you are going through.

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Numerical fortress for controlling E-reputation by Bernard Grua, web, internet, defamation, PINTEREST
Numerical fortress for controlling E-reputation by Bernard Grua, web, internet, defamation, PINTEREST
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