Why Pakistan getting rid of Imran Khan is good news?

Imran Khan is sacked from Pakistani governement. This is good news.

I published numerous articles about this topic, in French unfortunately. But you can find some details, here, in English, in an article I did not write, though I fully agree with it.

I will not translate in English all my articles, here. Let’s mention some points: during months Imran Khan government fuelled hatred against France. This led to a first attack done by a Pakistani young man in September 2020.

When France tried to protect itself, in accordance with its state of law policy, Imran Khan, expecting to be the leader of the Muslim world, enforced its propaganda, dumping accusations of islamophobia against France : remember his letters to Facebook and to other Muslim countries. Remember his visio speech to the UN. Then, his poison took one month to contaminate French speaking North Africa. After Samuel Paty’s assassination, it culminated with the Tunisian triple stabbing of Nice Basilica .

I have been initially deceived by Imran Khan, while I believed he could be the man of positive changes. But, I learned to see what Imran Khan really is, not what I would like him to be. I translated some of my papers in English. Here, they are:

On an international point of view, Imran Khan has a stunning collection of wrong positions detrimental to Pakistan interests. The last one was supporting Putin’s bloody war against Ukraine.

It was Ok for Pakistan. Actually, it was a subject of national pride. Violences, bombing, mass murders of civilians were not an issue, until it became obvious Putin’s forces are being defeated. And Imran Khan was dumped by Pakistani army.

I know that a lot of my Pakistani friends support Imran Khan. All my Russian friends support Putin too. Should I copy my point of view on them? No, because they live in countries, where there is no information not controled by goverment, where dissidents and journalist are killed if they don’t align with the official position. Moreover, Imran Khan actually put his country at war against mine. Then, it is not an internal issue any more. This guy must be eliminated, regardless what my Pakistani friends think.

Vae victis!

#StandWithUkraine !

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