Pakistan: how to deliver a final blow to Imran Khan, the godfather of terrorism in France?

Pakistan: how to deliver a final blow to Imran Khan

This article in French:

Imran Khan attempted to calm down a country in insurgency by, once again, blaming his familiar scapegoat.

This Monday, April 19, 2021, Imran Khan spoke on Pakistani television.

Prime Minister Imran Khan address to the Nation on TLP issue | 19 April 2021

The speech is in Urdu but « Dawn » immediately gave a presentation:

« TLP and govt have the same objective but our methods are different: PM Imran ».

Imran Khan claims to pursue the same goals as the Pakistani xenophobic and Islamist far-right party TLP.

« I assure you that the purpose of the TLP for which they’re bringing people out, that is my purpose as well and that of my government »

Imran Khan TV speech, April 19, 2020

The Prime Minister of Pakistan says he will remain the leader of the global fight against Islamophobia. Let us recall that he has already launched many initiatives in this direction and that none of them received any answer, apart from stimulating an anti-Western hatred, and more particularly an anti-French hatred, as well as causing a wave of terrorism during autumn 2020 in France. This granted him with a welcome surge in popularity, while the country’s collapse becomes more visible and his legitimacy is challenged.
(See: « An emblematic case of Pakistani discourse of racial and religious hatred against a minority and against Westerners » — in French).

Imran Khan’s months of Francophobic propaganda have inflamed the far-right Pakistani party « Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan » (TLP), his ally, the promoter of the death penalty against any blasphemy, whether actual or alleged.

Let me take him (French ambassador) to Kahota and tell him that Pakistan’s nukes, missiles and tanks are only meant for the Prophet’s honor and we can kill you
Tell to people that Zaheer Hassan Mehmood (author first terrorist attack of Autumn 20020 in France) belonged to TLP

Without being fully understood why, TLP calls for the expulsion of the French ambassador. After agreeing on November 16, 2020 to review this action on April 20, 2021, Imran Khan now opposes it and comes into conflict with his old accomplice. This refusal causes riots, destruction and deaths in Pakistan since the beginning of last week (Monday, April 12, 2019). At the same time, Imran Khan cuts himself off from the Pakistani population, even from the part hostile to TLP domestic violences.
(See: Pakistan: what to think of the new anti-French demonstrations igniting Lahore? — in French)

Imran Khan exposes the possible consequences of the movement he sparked.

[No such demonstrations or demands to expel the French envoy were seen in other Muslim countries.]
« So firstly, this will have no effect on France but let me tell you what difference it will make to Pakistan.
If we send the French ambassador back and end relations with them then this means we will break relations with the European Union… »
Half of Pakistan’s textile exports are to the EU, the premier noted, and if they are discontinued, it will result in unemployment and the closure of factories in the country. Because textile is the country’s primary export sector, it will also put pressure on the rupee and give rise to inflation and poverty.]
« So the loss will be ours, not of France »…

Dawn & Imran Khan TV speech, April 19, 2020

One can challenge Imran Khan’s arguments and the fact that European textile imports will cease due to the expulsion of the French ambassador. Likewise, we cannot give full credit to a simultaneous departure from the diplomatic representations of other European countries. Westerners have no interest in depriving themselves of an internal vision on this powder keg.

Without having said so, it is likely that Pakistan will think it will be even more difficult for it to come out of the humiliating and penalizing gray list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) fighting against money laundering, financing of terrorism and other threats to the integrity of the international financial system. There may be, also, additionnal motivations, not yet public, especially under pressure from the army maneuvering Imran Khan behind the scenes.

To end Imran Khan’s nuisance, France must help bringing him down.

We must stop Imran Khan’s propaganda. Otherwise, Islamist terror in our country will continue to flourish. In autumn 2020, after the Parisian attack by Pakistani Zaheer Mehmood, we observed the spread of Khan’s venom and its metastases in France as well as in Maghreb, in particular with the attacks of Chechen Anzorov against Samuel Paty and with the slaughtering committed by the Tunisian Aissaoui in the basilica of Nice. In order to stop Imran Khan’s toxic rhetoric, it would be helpful if he were to lose his Prime minister’s position. We must raise the hypothesis of an internal coup. One of the only solutions available for this is to encourage economic and social chaos in Pakistan.

As Imran Khan said today, the departure of our ambassador would have cascading effects further aggravating the ruin of Pakistan. Let’s take him at his word. If only to make him lose face a little more in this country where appearances matter more than the reality of facts. So, we must effectively leave this country as I suggested on April 16, 2020:

We can say that this departure is at the request of the population, following the repeated positions of Imran Khan against our country. Which is perfectly correct. Because, as we have seen, even those who oppose the TLP riots also want our representative to be expelled from Islamabad.

If we, French people, bow our heads, Imran Khan’s hate speech will not end and we will perpetually suffer of its terrorist effects. On the other hand, helping to expell the leader of a failed state, who intends to dictate his murderous demands to our state of law, will remain a lesson for any irresponsible person who would like to exploit the Islamophobia allegations. This would help, moreover, to enhance the credibility of France in a world where the threat is now global, in particular because of the power of social media

Exhibit: death threats on French expatriates and ambassador

Holocaust — Kill French People
Kill french president
#kill_french_ambasdor (!)
#kill_french_ambasdor (!)
Kill french Ambassdor diffusion
Kill french Ambassdor diffusion
Kill french Ambassador
Kill french Ambassador
No French alive
No French alive
French dead — Kill ambassador




Photographer, writer, contributor to French & foreign media: culture, history, heritage, geopolitics — —

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Bernard Grua

Bernard Grua

Photographer, writer, contributor to French & foreign media: culture, history, heritage, geopolitics — https://bernardgrua.net

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