How Putin’s war in Ukraine torched the Pakistan Prime Minister ?

Puntin’s war in Ukraine torched Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan

Putin’s despicable unsuccessful invasion of Ukraine leads to the fall of a radical third-world “leader”. Let’s hope it is just the beginning of a massive turn.

“Taliban Khan”, the man who launched the Islamist terrorist wave in France, in autumn 2020, also known as Imran Khan, has been sacked from his Pakistan PM position.

One of the many reasons for this event is the way the Beijing’s satrap and army puppet managed the country foreign affairs.

One month and a half ago, he was proudly posing, on a fake photoshopped picture, in front of St Basil, the day before the Kremlin war-criminal was launched a full scale bloody invasion into peaceful Ukraine.

Tweet from Pakistan Prime Minister office. Mind the snow on St Basil and the summer attire of Imran Khan

Let’s be clear. On the very day of the Ukrainian invasion beginning Imran Khan was granted a VIP welcome in Moscow, talking face to face with a man inspiring utterly disgust to all civilized nations and human rights supporters. This acknowledgement, by Russia, made Pakistan enthusiastic for being granted such a status, by what it considered as a world power (actually Russia has GNP similar to Spain). Although Putin was totally isolated since he recognised full Luhansk and Donestk Oblasts (including the 2/3 under Ukraine control) as “independent” territories, since he was obviously preparing a full invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign state.

Red carpet for Imran Khan
Shaking hands and sharin smiles with Grozny butcher.
Proud of banqueting with Putin on the first day of his Ukraine invasion

But Putin’s army is just a bunch of mass murderers rapers and looters. This was likely not a problem for most of the Pakistani people brainwashed with a massive anti-western Islamo-nationalist hatred propaganda.

Nobody cared about the fact Ukrainian people were not American people. Nobody cared about the fact Ukraine was not part of NATO. For Pakistan, Ukraine had to pay for the US and had to pay for NATO. Bombing Ukraine made millions of enthusiastic Pakistanis. Pakistan was holding its revenge against the despised west. But, Russia proved it has no military value.

Putin is losing his war. Pakistan establishment actually pulling the strings of Imran Khan, the puppet, understood it was standing with a pariah and a loser state. The Kremlin thug lost his appetence. As a consequence, Imran Khan was dumped.

Vae victis!

Slava Ukraini!
Geroiam slava!

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