Pamir Serai: Regain your personal or business name when your website was hacked & converted into a slanderous machine

This article will present, with an actual case, how it is possible to counter the theft and the impersonation of a business website that has been turned into a defamatory destruction weapon against the reputation and the livelihood of its owners. We will explain the method and the tools which are used for this “regain your name” campaign through content creation, use of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) best practises.

We will assess the efficiency of the measures already implemented, and we will introduce the new actions which are currently being considered.

Ramla Akhtar, Rmala Aalam, forgery, website, defamation
Ramla Akhtar, Rmala Aalam, forgery, website, defamation

How a family business “website” became a defamation war machine?

A Sunni woman from Karachi, in her mid thirties, moved to Hunza valley in Northern Pakistan. A few years later, unable to adapt, unable to face the harsh mountain conditions, estimating she does not get the level of recognition her self-attributed talents should deserve, she turned her initial enthusiasm into hatred. In a country haunted by Muslim extremists, she harasses the local ethnic and religious Wakhi minority with pornographic tales, slandering allegations, calumnious denunciations and hate speech. Her main attacks are concentrated on the family which welcomed her in the region. Thanks to frauds, she was able to hijack (October 2019) the web pages (created in May 2015) of Pamir Serai , the guesthouse ran by this family. She turns them into a tool of massive and outrageous defamation in order to deprive the homestead from its reputation and, as a consequence, from its source of revenue and from its means of living.

See: Pamir Serai, a website, under forgery, use of forgery, defamation, stalking and impersonation attacks by a cybercriminal and Pamir Serai guesthouses, a numerical fortress in progress.

Approach implemented for recovering the victim’s name

The method applied is the one of the “numerical fortress” described in: How is it possible to have your numerical reputation 100% under control, even when you face the most disturbing web attacks?

Building a new website

A website was created for Pamir Serai on WordPress. Unfortunately due to one of the stalker’s forgeries it was not possible to use “pamirserai” in the URL which would have been more efficient. Instead, it was replaced by “pamirseraiguesthouse The new website (April 2020) was promoted, via backlinks from articles posted on “”, an”old” website with a strong search engine response. Backlinks to Pamir Serai website were also included in articles posted on different media including the French Agoravox news media. Despite its recent creation, Pamir Serai website is slightly coming to the stop of the search engine result page (SERP). It is shown on fifth rank, just below the defamatory website managed by the cyber-criminal. This is an encouraging temporary result, knowing that Google always favorites old websites versus new ones.

May 2021 update: the impersonated website totally disappeared from Google search first page text result.

Work done: promoting the new victim’s website and other honest materials

The promotion work is handled with the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practises. Not all details will be revealed here to avoid the stalker learning from them. However, we will have an overview of the tool box.

  • A promotion article, on “”, was published for presenting the different pages of Pamir Serai with links to them. This article: “Pamir Serai guest houses new website” is the first answer to a “Pamir Serai” Google request. Meanwhile, it pulled the new website itself up.
  • A Pinterest account was created for Pamir Serai. It successfully contributes to fill in its numerical space. However, the most efficient board is the one designed on Bernard Grua’s Pinterest account, a profile created years ago and enjoying hundreds of thousands of viewers each month. This board, Pamir Serai & Alam Jan Dario, Chapursan Valley, gets the first SERP rank for a “Pamir serai” query.
  • All images inserted into publications and saved on Pinterest are prepared according to the best SEO recommendations for Google. They also have, for those interested in the guesthouse, a visible Pamir Serai name and/or logo to generate engagement, in place of other media.
  • External articles and media (pictures, Tweets, Instagram posts) have been promoted, to higher levels of SERP, via backlinks and via Pinterest, according to the same method as the one explained above. This is, for example, the case for “Le Petit Futé“, “Lonely Planet“, “iOverlander“.
  • Simple slideshows have been designed for saturating the video numerical space. They were shared on Pamir Serai newly created Youtube channel and under other accounts. They were also embedded in different articles.
  • Facebook has a poor SEO. It is of no interest for producing material. It is only used for sharing videos or articles to increase their number of readers/viewers and to get them re-shared. Both actions make them interesting for search engines.
  • Twitter is not an efficient tool for managing reputations. However, the posts relating to Pamir Serai are oriented towards SEO and engagement. It makes them competitive in front of the extremely poorly managed stalker’s Twitter account, despite its plethoric volume of Tweets.

Results: the numerical fortress is successful in protecting and in recovering the victim’s name.

Text SERP, perfect (update May 2021)

The three first answers for Google search engine, the most important ones, are under control. The “website”, actually Google site pages, hijacked by forgery and turned into a defamation tool still enjoys its “legitimacy”, thanks to its older creation and to its short URL. But it went down from first rank to fourth rank. The stalker is unable to place any other posts, from her plethoric production (mostly on Facebook and Twitter), in SERP’s. All other answers from the two first pages are fully managed by Pamir Serai PR.

May 2021 update: the impersonating website totally disappeared from all Google search text result pages.

See Exhibit 1 for text SERP screen capture

Image SERP, perfect

Control is totally regained. It was not possible to push away the first image from Google results. As a consequence, it was decided to replace it from another source linked to a positive information instead of a defamatory website.


See Exhibit 2 for image SERP screen capture

Video SERP, perfect

It is under full control thanks to the videos (frequently the same one) posted on different media (Youtube, websites, Pinterest, Twitter).

See Exhibit 3 for video SERP screen capture

News SERP, perfect

It is under full control thanks to the links posted on articles published by Agoravox, a French news media.

See Exhibit 4 for news SERP screen capture

Last steps for the cleaning work

Creating an additional light website for the victim

To remedy the too long URL and to compete with the defamatory one, a light website was launched recently (December 2020): On new publications “Pamir Serai” displayed in two words will be replaced by “PamirSerai” using a single word. It is already operational in image SERP. It will be promoted on the same way as other publications were pushed up. Its recent article, “PamirSerai guesthouses in Chapursan valley. Fast loading website introduction“, will soon emerge on text SERP.

May 2021 update: the website does not work well it is just shown on the fourth Google search text result page. However the Guest House page of PamirTrails new Google site shows on Google search first page result.

Connecting new backlinks

As of today, there is no need to create new materials. The work will focus on enabling additional efficient backlinks to the existing ones. Doing so the best referers (i.e. and will be used. With no doubts, produces the most efficient backlinks. To take a full benefit of this advantage, new translations in French of Medium English articles, about Chapursan Valley will be posted on Agoravox, for promoting the main Pamir Serai website AND its new light version.


Countering the criminal use of social media by the stalker have devastating impacts on his numerical image and on his reputation. This devastation is of convenient help for mitigating the credibility of the calumnious denunciation.

The campaign intended for burying the defamation leads to a much stronger occupation of the numerical space related to the victim’s name or brand, especially if it was neglected beforehand. Eventually, it becomes a PR and commercial advantage.

Exhibits: screen captures

Exhibit 1: Google text search capture for Pamir serai

Updated May 2021

Exhibit 2: Google image search capture for Pamir serai

Exhibit 3: Google video search capture for Pamir serai

Exhibit 4: Google news search capture for Pamir serai

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Ramla Akhtar, Rmala Aalam, forgery, website, defamation
Ramla Akhtar, Rmala Aalam, forgery, website, defamation

Contributor to French and foreign medias: geopolitics, heritage, history, expeditions | | FR EN SP GE

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