There was a time the freshly graduated author of this article had a real talent for writing fictions and for showing as an expertise her presentation of trendy topics. She considered herself as a Writer and as a consultant. Unfortunately, nobody in "patriarchal Pakistan" was ready to hire a young professional female with no experience for the jobs she was expecting. Her professional disillusions and her unsuccessful personal life caused her a severe depression with more and more frequent mental disorders.

In 2013, she decided to leave Karachi for settling in northern Pakistan, where she thought she would be starting a completely different existence. She even changed her first and last name. Unfortunately, unable to adapt to this harsh region and to get along with its inhabitants, everything went worse. After some tragic episodes , she had to flee Hunza. Since 2020, she has been living in basic Gilgit guesthouses moving from one to another one, when the situation has become too conflictual with local people and with owners.

Regrettably, she can't properly write anymore. In a desperate effort for gaining attention, her last posts on Medium were terrible mistakes. She was banned from Medium in May 2020. All of her previous production in this media was, sadly, lost. Since, there are no limits to the persecution state of mind haunting her, days and nights. Nowadays, she spends her time on social media to get back some of the audience she once enjoyed. When she is not in a mental crisis period, she writes, with difficulties, about her former success.

This is the very sad story of a promising under-rated potential which went too high and too fast, before being burnt. So, please, if you enjoyed her above poem, "Growth Is Not Just One Thing", have a though for this author and mention her in your prayers. She needs it.

Meanwhile, act responsiby on Medium. Don't take the risk to loose your account and all your past publications because you publish and inflaming article under a strong emotion. This is not Twitter. Medium is not a place for confrontation.



Photographer, writer, contributor to French & foreign media: culture, history, heritage, geopolitics — —

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Bernard Grua

Bernard Grua

Photographer, writer, contributor to French & foreign media: culture, history, heritage, geopolitics — https://bernardgrua.net

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