Why France needs to close its Pakistani embassy ?

The « French bastard »

The Pakistani claim for expelling the French ambassador and even, for closing our embassy embraces a large part of Pakistan opinion, including people who, nowadays, condemn TLP (Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan) for its domestic violences.

The Pakistan Prime minister, Imran Khan, is said to oppose such expelling. As a result, he is accused to be the « French bastard » by those who, in October 2020, celebrated him as « the Muslim world leader. » What a slam for a “leader” who searched an islamo-nationalist legitimacy to divert his country from all the civil duties he was unable to complete!

The Pakistan Prime minister, Imran Khan, is said to oppose such expelling. As a result, he is accused to be the « French bastard »
The once praised world muslim leader became the “French Bastard”

Surprisingly Imran Khan got some lights. Closing French embassy would be an additional step for Pakistan on its road to hell. Let me doubt this comes from a puppet which was never credited with an outstanding smartness. It is, probably, imposed by those who put him in place and drive him since.

Pakistan Tlp French carrier
French people evacuation from Pakistan

Once all our compatriots are safe, we can close our diplomatic representation in the « land of pures. » Our intelligence gathering about such an explosive country can be supported by our allies from European Union and/or NATO. Our consular services can be housed by a friendly state. Our local representation can be handled accordingly. We should add that the big winner of recent Pakistani wrong choices is India. No doubt this country would be delighted to counter even more its enemy by supporting France in sharing intelligence crucial issues.

Wion is an Indian media. Though Indian media are not favorable to Islamabad, they are the only ones delivering actual information about Pakistan. Domestic ones should give a positive image of the country or at least comply with the official position. This permanent window dressing does not help Pakistani people addressing the real issues of the counrty. It migt be one of the reasons why TLP riots were a surprise for many of them.


Now, let’s think about reciprocity. We are ordered to close our Embassy in Islamabad. That’s fine. Then, Pakistan will have to close its embassy in France. What Pakistan’s friend could render, in Paris, the help France will get in Islamabad? Arabian states did not follow Imran Khan in its crusade against France. On the opposite, they don’t feel comfortable with this disturbing man who pretended instrumenting them and hijacking their religion followers. What about the October praised « ally », Recep Tayyip Erdoğan? Nothing to expect, there. Erdoğan already dropped his pet as a broken toy.

One country might take advantage of the situation, China. Beijing shows us, in Pakistan, that a XIX century colonial process can be applied in XXI century. It will enjoy enhancing its control on its vassal by monitoring its diplomacy with one of the major European states. It might be the solution. But it will be an extra defeat which will be « credited » to Imran Khan.

Back to third-world terrorist pariah’s status

Last but not least, the xenophobia Imran Khan promoted against on one of the five UN Security Council permanent members will even more tarnish his country reputation on an international point of view, pushing it back to a pariah third-world status at a time the falling state needs over-seas investments, financial grants and foreign visitors to create the millions of jobs promised by Imran Khan.

The promise:

The result:

And what about Pakistani expatriates in France? Should they go back home? Do they really want to leave a country they enjoy to join Khan’s paradise?

Closing our Embassy in Islamabad would the best answer to Imran Khan hatred discourse against France which was at the origins of the murderous terrorist attacks we faced during autumn 2020. The brilliant side of this measure is that we can present it as a Pakistani demand.




Photographer, writer, contributor to French & foreign media: culture, history, heritage, geopolitics — https://bernardgrua.net — https://pamirinstitute.org

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Bernard Grua

Bernard Grua

Photographer, writer, contributor to French & foreign media: culture, history, heritage, geopolitics — https://bernardgrua.nethttps://pamirinstitute.org

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